My site images are broken

Discourse version : 2.4.0.beta11 with Docker(standalone verstion)

I installed it yesterday but it shows like this.

all image seems broken and when i upload new image then it broke too. like this picture

Also my image link show like this.

but Discourse image looks fine like this:

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Serving images on :8888 like that isn’t supported.

You need to be using http on :80 or https on :443

You haven’t provided enough information to determine why you’ve configured things in this way, but if it’s intentional then it’s not a supportable configuration.

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@Stephen Because Discourse is my sub site’s function(for forum). My main site is already using :80 port and i have to use another port.

Maybe i should use proxy server function or othere. but as you saw that i guess it’s problem of some URIs.

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There are guides here on meta for running discourse alongside other sites.

Please use the search and follow one. We can’t help you with things as they are configured right now.

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Thanks for reply :slight_smile: hehe

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