My Topics Button in top menu

We currently have the ability to add posted to the top menu which is for ‘My Posts’ and shows you all the topics you have created, plus all the topics you have replied to, but I would like to have a button for ‘My Topics’ which only shows you the topics that you have created. I know you can access all your posts in your profile, but I would like the button so you can do this by category.


That’s a good point, you can’t filter your profile page for topics by category either:

Search will do it though

@codinghorror #feature in:first


True, search will work but this would be more discoverable by users. I still think it would be a nice feature, but giving it a bit more thought I think what I need specifically will be best for #marketplace since I need topic previews to work via this route which posted does not do right now. If you think this a valid feature request you can leave it and I’ll start a new topic, otherwise you can move this to marketplace and I’ll revise, thanks!


I think it’s fine as a feature request actually, though the feature wouldn’t be specific to topic previews.