My website is always down

I thought that the site content was automatically deleted from the server, how do I see what is causing all this size?

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There’s some good info on how to look after your server in How do I manually update Discourse and Docker image to latest?


Thanks for showing me this step by step but when I use the command cd /var/discourse git pull ./launcher rebuild app aparece isso Device "docker0" does not exist. Cannot connect to the docker daemon - verify it is running and you have access

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It sounds like your app is stopped. Try ./launcher start app, and that should bring back your pre-rebuild version.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher start app

Don’t run ./launcher cleanup unless your app is running, otherwise it will remove that as well.


another error happened, omg, I didn’t even know about those

root@forummaisvc:/var/discourse# ./launcher start app
Device “docker0” does not exist.
Cannot connect to the docker daemon - verify it is running and you have access

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I used the command df -h What can I delete? And what command do I use to delete a specific thing?

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cd /var/discourse
./launcher restart app
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it’s returns this to me =(

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Jim is still right…
I’d try sudo apt autoremove --purge then sudo systemctl start docker and .\launcher start app and then maybe .\launcher cleanup (with some backup made beforehand)


I tried these codes you gave me and it gives me some errors! I don’t know what else to do, my forum is down for days, I’m desperate

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I always get a bit nervous about suggesting deleting things to create space. Is there a beginner-friendly step-by-step for targeting maybe the extra back-up files, or some orphaned images?


not even enough space to apt autoremove :fearful:

Oh yes, all proportion kept I feel a bit like

maybe sudo apt autoclean first
and for a fistfust of Ko sudo find /var/log -type f -iname *.gz -delete
then try again sudo apt autoremove
and finally sudo systemctl start docker
sudo /var/discourse/./launcher start app
sudo /var/discourse/./launcher cleanup


what is dock Daemon? how install it? @Benjamin_D @JammyDodger

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I’m afraid you currently don’t have enough space to start docker, which you would need to then run ./launcher cleanup (which would be the preferred way to tidy up any old containers/images leftover from previous rebuilds). Ideally, you’d also want your site to be live (./launcher start app) before you run it, so you have a fallback if anything goes awry with the rebuild.

I haven’t had a site that’s 100% full, so it’s a little unclear to me what may or may not work (autoclean and autoremove not being able to run, for instance). @Benjamin_D Do you know if it’s still possible to manually remove some files to free up a bit of space to get the ball rolling? eg.

cd /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default dir

Copy the oldest file name, and then paste to remove it eg:

rm jammydodger-s-test-site-2022-04-12-033748-v20220407195246.tar.gz

Or possibly check for orphaned images and remove one or more of those:

docker images

Though it’s probably also worth mentioning that if your site has a lot of user uploads it may be that you simply need to resize. But if you haven’t done any server maintainence since you started, there’s a good chance a tidy up should tide you over for a while.


I think I’d aim at logs before anything more “app related”

sudo journalctl --rotate
sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1s


I don’t know anything, but I would do first the most obvious thing: checking out if docker is on at all — as it says all the time:

systemctl status docker


I found this topic with a similar issue:

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@JammyDodger @Benjamin_D

Thanks for helping me and answering me!

I thought Discourse deleted files automatically!

How do I see which files are crowding my storage? And which files can I delete?

Do I do this using command or can I go to the forum settin

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To recover more quickly, might it not be best to migrate to a more spacious server?

Do you have a recent back-up? Migration can take very little time (under an hour?) compared with trouble-shooting an existing “unhealthy” server?


Isn’t there an option to scale the storage automatically?