Unable to rebuild discourse due to no space left on device

I get the aforementioned error while attempting to do an operation. I have no idea as to why this is happening.

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Did you try just doing a

./docker rebuild app

and seeing what happens? I think git pull is no longer required first.

Otherwise it looks like you may need to review your app.conf file. Have you edited it recently?

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No I haven’t edited it recently. The website crashed yesterday and I ran the cleanup and then ran
rm /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default/*
Then I rebuilt using ./launcher rebuild app

The website started working again after that and now it’s back to being dead.

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Sorry I meant

./launcher rebuild app

So you are doing the the right things.

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Have you had a look at

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Okay, so it is a storage issue. How do I make space now? I’m sorry but I’m a beginner.

I just ran discourse-doctor and I was left with multiple lines stating that my storage was full.

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Do you have anything else on the server? If not, it’s probably discourse backups that you can delete.

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Can you go over the process of deleting backups coz I’ve never really understood the process. I wanna be sure once and for all because I’ve been having storage issues for a really long time.

No, I don’t have anything else on the server.

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A good first step is to run

./launcher cleanup 

If that doesn’t work, try


If you still have difficulties, you can look at deleting old backups from


Let us know how these work out for you!


Hi @seshu_ram

Often, when containers are rebuilt, the process leaves orphan images. If you have rebuilt your container often, these images can take up a lot of space.

In fact, these orphan images recently took up nearly 100 GB + on our server until I deleted them. You can easily check.

Please post the output of:

docker images

Kindly post the output as text (copy-and-paste) using fenced markdown. Terminal screenshot images are hard to read on mobile.



Please note that launcher cleanup also prunes these orphans (based on 24 hours in the past, I think):

if tty >/dev/null; then
      read -p "Would you like to attempt to recover space by cleaning docker images and containers in the system? (y/N)" -n 1 -r
      if [[ $REPLY =~ ^[Yy]$ ]]
        $docker_path container prune --force --filter until=1h >/dev/null
        $docker_path image prune --all --force --filter until=1h >/dev/null
        echo "If the cleanup was successful, you may try again now"


local_discourse/app   latest              674fd54f165f        4 minutes ago       2.5GB
<none>                <none>              f3a4104c3f75        22 hours ago        2.5GB
discourse/base        2.0.20201221-2020   c0704d4ce2b4        11 days ago         2.11GB ```
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This worked. My website is live now. Thank you so much. Thanks a lot for your time! That helped a lot.



Hey @seshu_ram

FYI and FWIW: You can remove this orphan image and reclaim a bit more disk space:

docker image rm  f3a4104c3f75  

The launcher cleanup process does not (as I recall) remove images less than 24 hours old.

Or, you can run cleanup again in a few hours, as you please.