MyBB importer: "Invalid codepoint"


I’m trying to do a test import of my “MyBB” board with around 30.000 posts in it. I’ve got the importer running, but it’s struggling at a specific post:

8795 / 29774 ( 29.5%) [208248 items/min] /usr/local/lib/ruby/2.0.0/cgi/util.rb:71:inchr’: invalid codepoint 0xDBC0 in UTF-8 (RangeError)`

There is no way to get over this, looks like a specific post is bad for the import script.

I see two possible options:

  • Delete that posting - but how can I find out what post 8795 is?

  • Patch/Hotfix the import script - anyone an idea?


I’ve solved this by putting a debug output into the import script to get the post PID’s … then edited the weird text in PHPMyAdmin :blush:

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