Mysteriously Logged Out

Went to my discourse this morning and I was logged out. I went to login and I got an “Unknown Error”. I tried to reset password or use a magic login email, but got a “Forbidden” message.

After some investigation and rebuild on the backend side I determined this was entirely a front-end issue. Other users can login and use the discourse just fine.

I’m using the latest Firefox on Windows 11. If I use a private browsing window or a different browser, I can login and use the site without issue.

I cleared all my local data for the site in Firefox an then I was able to login using a non-private window.

However, a very short while later I was forcibly logged out again. I got a “You have been logged out” message. When I try to login again I see the “Unknown Error”. If I check the JS Console when logging in, there is an error that says: “BAD CSRF”. Something to do with the newest Firefox maybe?

It seems to have resolved itself, for now…, after a second clearing of local data and a complete restart of Firefox. Still very strange.

It was too good to be true. It only lasted about an hour. Now the “You were logged out” message has returned.

Current suspicion is that a Firefox add-on is the culprit. Now using the process of elimination to find out.


Sounds likely. I would try that.

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Hi @Apreche :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you manage to track down which extension it was?

I honestly can’t say. The problem has been gone for some time now, and I have all my usual add-ons enabled.