Mystery flags on comments

We are continuing to see a problem I first brought up here. At that time it appeared the problem had been found and a fixed scheduled, but we are still seeing the same thing. Some newly approved comments are appearing with a flag, but there is no indication of a flag in the review queue. An example in the image below - a flag that appears for no known reason.

I realize this may not be a high priority bug to fix, but maybe it can be put on the list of things to be checked?

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I think that happens if the post was held for moderation (new user, watched word, etc.).


My Discourse does this too.

I assumed it was by design, for the reason @j127 suggests, which in our case is because all new users first posts require approval.

Or you click on the number, rather than the flag, it will show you the history.

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Have you checked Logs?

The system will flag a post if it thinks a new user for example posts to fast.

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Yes, and no sign of it. This is not a new user either.

I went to try this and the number has disappeared. :question:
I’ll try this next time I catch one.

We have comment approval turned on for most everything, and for a while we saw flags on every comment. That part was fixed (see the post I linked), but these occasional mystery flags are still showing up (and disappearing again!).


Caught one on a topic from a first time poster. Clicking on the number, the log only shows that the post was approved.

I’ll keep looking for an example that isn’t a new topic or new member.

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If you have the review every post setting enabled or the post requires review for any other reason, a flag with a number will appear at the bottom of the topic once it has been reviewed. Clicking the number, will show you the history of the post’s reviews, as @Richie said. In this case, the history should show that the post was approved by a moderator.

If you view the post from an admin or mod account, you will see the flag with the number. If you view the post from a regular user account, you should not see the flag with the number.

You could always check the review queue, and confirm the post is there. Make sure to filter it by “Approved”:

But if flags are appearing and disappearing randomly in a post, when viewed from the same account, then we’d need to take a more in depth look. Maybe it’s a bug, maybe there is a theme customization interfering…


Thanks for the follow-up, I’ll keep an eye on this one to see if the number disappears. (Although this is getting to be a pretty minor problem :wink: )


Update. The flag appeared on new approved (by me) comment. When I clicked on the number it showed me that I have approved it (no surprise). When I went back to the comment the flag had disappeared.

It appears the original problem is indeed fixed, but maybe I’m not seeing the fix until a page reload?

Anyway, no need to fix it if it ain’t broke. :slight_smile:

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hahahahahaa, I like that saying

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Which is opposite of the Engineers motto:

If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is. :wink:


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