Name field doesn’t automatically save in Profile when making changes in other fields

  1. I wrote “Deborah Chang” in Name
  2. I edited my Username
  3. When I finished saving my Username, the content in Name reverted back to “Deborah”

I expected “Deborah Chang” to persist in the Name field


I can see how from a user’s point of view, losing the change you have made to the Name field would be unexpected. What is strange on the Account page is that the “Save Changes” button is only applied to the Name and Title fields. The other fields on the page are handled separately. A possible fix for this would be to move the Name and Title fields from the Account page to the Profile page.


I believe this was mentioned somewhere else (by @riking) but another option is to use the confirm/cancel buttons like we do for admin settings. Definitely agree that the save button is easy to miss in the current context!