Name of blacklisted user agent

If in the Web Crawler User Agents tab
I have the name of the bot, that’s exactly what I have to enter in the options to make sure that the bot is blocked or another name ?

for example
MBCrawler/1.0 (

then what should be input here

MBCrawler/1.0 or a whole line or maybe any word containing the name of that bot ?


And by the way, are you blocking these bots or not because I read different opinions? Maybe there’s no point in worrying about any bot.

But if so, why is Ahrefs blocked by default, etc . What is the purpose of this?

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I think monitorbacklinks would be best as it is the longest unique string.


Hello Sylwia, and thank you for adding this post.

  1. Do you know what the SEO implications of blocking bots from google may be?
  2. Did you get a response to your second question:

I am in the process of blocking bots to keep my pageviews under control and within by subscription plan.

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