Naming bookmarks

Sometimes when I look at a bookmark, I’ll think “Why did I even bookmark this?” Just before posting this, I spent an hour trying to find a post only to find that I had already bookmarked it but didn’t notice it because of an unrelated topic name (post was a tangent that someone went off on). It’d be great if we were able to name our bookmarks so we could remember why we bookmarked them at a later date and also be able to recognize them for what they are instead of a potentially unrelated topic title. I’d use browser bookmarks, but Discourse’s UI is more pleasant to use, and the bookmarks are there regardless of which computer / browser I use.


Why not just post a reply in the topic if it is something that is of interest to you, and you have something to add to the conversation – then you can bookmark your reply for future reference.

(I do this plenty, for the record, so I am not advocating anything I wouldn’t do myself…)


The post in question was a tutorial for some obscure debugging feature for the parent program that the developers had never said a word about. I didn’t exactly know anything about it (which is why I bookmarked the post), so the only thing I could have added was “Thanks!” which is just spam since we’re able to like posts. Even if I could find something technically appropriate to say, I may not always be able to find something that’s truly valuable as a post and is essentially spam.

It might be worthwhile if I sent a PM to myself which I could bookmark, but it’s impossible to send yourself PMs. Even if it were possible, that’s still out-of-the-way so I’d probably still be inclined to bookmark it.


I agree, we need a way to name our bookmarks. I have to spend 15-20 mins to look for the right post by opening each post in a new tab. As I bookmark more posts this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Same feature was discussed in above topic.

Take my usecase for example. I am new to Discourse and actively follow meta. Currently I have more than 60 or 70 bookmarks i guess. These bookmarks include topics related to plugins, multisite, how-to’s, features etc. In future If I have some doubt in multisite configuration, I can just goto that bookmark label and dig through the topics. If not I have to search in my entire bookmarks for related topics(more noice).

I am facing similar issue on Quora now. I have been bookmarking interesting answers on it. After sometime now when I want to dig through a specific genre of answers, I am crippled. I am using the search feature these days, instead of going through all my bookmarks.

With labels, user gets more freedom to bookmark and lets him organise his relevant content on the forum.


Type g b and then click category, then all your bookmarks will be sorted by category which makes it easier for you to reason about them in groups.


Category can’t usually tell me any more than the topic title does. The problem still remains that what I bookmarked may not be directly related to the original post. For instance, take this topic:

“Undo discards script changes” – makes sense that it’s filed as a bug, so that doesn’t really tell me anything. If I open up the topic, I’ll find that I bookmarked a post by a staff member that explained how to enable and read log files for their Studio program. This is something that can’t be determined just by knowing the topic’s title/category.


Another way of achieving the same (and much more) would be to make it possible for users to attach notes to posts and to make those notes searchable. A fork of the [staff notes plugin]
(User Notes Plugin) could be adopted for that purpose.