Introducing the Staff Notes Plugin


(Robin Ward) #1

I’d like to introduce the official discourse-staff-notes plugin. The idea here is that sometimes staff members want to share notes about a particular user to help with moderation or support duties.

You can add a Staff Note to any user by using the admin menu on one of their posts:

The interface is displayed in a modal (which is also accessible from the user’s profile page). You can add as many notes as you need to, complete with markdown support:

If a user has a staff note, whenever they post you’ll see a little notes icon. Clicking it will bring up the notes:

That’s pretty much all there is to it! I’d love to hear feedback from people who install and try it out. I should note that it currently requires the tests-passed branch of discourse to work, although within a week or so it should work with the latest beta.

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(Felix Freiberger) #2


Are you sure the setting to enable the plugin is called tagging_enabled? :wink:

(Robin Ward) #3

Lol oops that must be some bad copying and pasting. Fixed that README and it should be accurate now :slight_smile:

(Philippe Rollin) #4

Any chance this will make it to the list of included plugins for hosted instances like discourse-tagging or discourse-spoiler-alert?

(Robin Ward) #5

Almost certainly, once we’re sure it’s working well.

(Gaurang Tandon) #6

Is there a way to get a list of users who have staff notes attached to their posts?

(Robin Ward) #8

Not right now, but what’s the use case? If I understand I might be motivated to help do this :slight_smile:


I can see using it to tag users and I might want to get back a list of a particular tag. For instance, when I’m reading someone’s post and I think “Hmm, they have a really nice way with words and might make good moderator material down the road.”. Right now I might bookmark the post but now that we’ve had our instance for awhile I probably have 1.2 zillion bookmarks (my bad), or send myself an email … another black hole, you get the idea.

(Bill Snider) #11

Am I to understand that this plugin makes notes visible to all admins and moderators?

(Sam Saffron) #12

Yes, that is correct

(Bill Snider) #13

Where do I sign up? <!---------------------->:grinning:

(Sam Saffron) #14

Let us know and we can install it for you :slight_smile:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #15

Would love to test this at Stonehearth as well! Do you have plans to deploy this to business hosting, or will it only be for enterprise?


I want it at FeverBee too! It’ll be perfect for noting skills/areas of expertise.

Edit: credit to @eviltrout.

(Sam Saffron) #17

@eviltrout built it :blush: I think we will add it as an official plugin on business tier and up (or maybe even standard), thoughts @codinghorror?

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Sure, business and up is fine for this. I do worry we haven’t quite finished building / testing the plugin before rolling it out “everywhere” though.

(Sam Saffron) #19

OK let’s hold off for 2 weeks then, @HAWK can you remind us in two weeks so we can add it to the container definition?


Yup, sure can. Thanks!

(‏Deukhoofd) #22

Having installed the plugin on my forums (v1.5.0.beta13b), I get the setting and button, but the button doesn’t seem to do anything and returns the following error:

“Uncaught Error: Nothing handled the action ‘showStaffNotes’. If you did handle the action, this error can be caused by returning true from an action handler in a controller, causing the action to bubble.”

Edit: Resolved by a cache refresh

(Jesse Perry) #23

Would this work on private messages too? I’m assuming yes since a private message is essentially another topic?