National Flags - Display user nationality in Discourse

(Diego Barreiro) #63

Yep, it’s fixed :+1:

(Neil) #64

Really great to see the improvements made here, everyone.
Really awesome!

(Dylan Hunt) #66

Click on mobile? Where is this again?

(Jeff Wong) #67

You’re close! Click Edit CSS/HTML, editing the mobile styling is one of the tabs in there.

(Jay Dawg) #68

Jeff Thanks for updating did you find it Dylan?


Is it possible to use that plugin with other images except flags?

Solution: It is possible to edit flaglist.js.es6 file

      "name": "fo",
      "value": "fo.png"


How you can add string variables? What is the user-inputted location?

Solution: I forked plugin repo and customize for my purpose. It seems work.

(Christoph) #71

With that fix, the flag is displayed to the left of the user’s name. How do I move it to the right of the name?