Remove Dropbox Onebox For Audio Links

(James North) #1

Hi All,

The Dropbox Onebox works great generally - the pretty box with the folder/file name etc … but with some individual files (like mp3 etc) it attempts to ‘play’ the file with the inbuilt audio player.


Now, Dropbox kind of doesn’t allow that kind of off-site streaming thing - it prefers you to land on their page and play it with their audio player.

  • Is there a way to remove the onebox formatting on a link?
  • Or, can the media player not attempt to play files from the Dropbox (and probably other cloud formats?) domain(s)

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

dl=1 works.

It’s a very strange quirky at Dropbox side, they should use the imgur convention (with file externsion is hotlinking and without a html page).

(James North) #3

Odd - good tip for now … I’ll try to edit posts to dl=1.

I guess they are all going to have different conventions.