Native theme feature feedback, bugs, thoughts, feelings, prayers

(Jeff Atwood) #41

Those should be in a scroll box not a bulleted list.

(Rob Meade) #42

I don’t think this is expected behaviour, but as this is new for the hosted solution I’m not sure.

We have one Theme. It is set as Default but it is not enabled for User Selection.

When I view my preferences, the Themes label appears, with the one and only theme listed in the drop down box.

Whilst there isn’t a choice as such, it is displayed and as such kind of selectable.

(Jeff Atwood) #43

Seriously? I don’t consider this a problem – one choice is not a choice :wink:

Also in the released final feature, we will have multiple themes by default, at minimum:

  • light
  • dark

(Rob Meade) #44

Just wanted you to be aware in case it wasn’t the desired behaviour. What it does mean is that the name given previously in our case, somewhat randomly “links”, needs to be changed, as it is now exposed to users and makes little sense :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #45

Well, like I said, in the final feature there will be

  • light
  • dark

@sam is currently working on it, you can direct all questions to him – thanks!

(Rob Meade) #46

Will do Jeff, thanks :slight_smile:

(Lawrence Grodeska) #47

I’m having some problems with the new native themes. I added a common style for the .list-controls class and it is not being loaded. Also seeing this same problem with other theme components that are loaded by the default theme. Confirmed by inspecting the elements with dev tools in Chrome, those styles are not being loaded.

Here’s my site (login required):

cc: @pfaffman

(cpradio) #48

IIRC you can only have one theme enabled by default now and what you are describing is a component, so you would go to your default already enabled theme and down in the components area, find your new component and click add.

(Sam Saffron) #49

Also, confirm you don’t have broken CSS by clicking save on the CSS

(Jay Pfaffman) #50

Thanks, @cpradio. I figured that part out.

And the css seems fine, @sam. Enabling just one child theme works just fine, but including it as a child seems to include some, but not all of the components. We don’t see any any conflicts and from inspecting the CSS it seems that some stuff is just missing.

We were on the latest version, but a bunch has happened since then and I’m rebuilding now. Perhaps this will just go away.

Edit: The rebuild completed and it seems that all of the expected CSS is there.

(Rob Meade) #51

Hi @sam,

Further to Jeff’s reply above;

Any estimation of time for the final feature?

At the time of writing I see a “Light Scheme” listed, and, as I’ve inherited the admin access, we have another already set up, but I don’t know if that was simply a “Dark Scheme” which got renamed, or whether that is still something to come from your good self in this feature - if you see my point.

Not chasing as such, just after an indication of expected date for roll out assuming it hasn’t been already.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Sam Saffron) #52

Gamedev is now deployed with the latest theme code, you can take advantage of this now.

Our plans to support default “light/dark” user selector comes with a bunch of caveats. In particular, if you already made a bunch of “dark” customizations (like gamedev does) you are going to have to get your hands dirty.

For example:

Your current CSS customization for you dark scheme has stuff like:

.btn:hover {
    color: #3181d2;

We can not somehow magic :sunny: this hardcoded CSS to its light counterpart.

What you need to do to support white/light user selectable theme is:

  • Create a theme component with shared CSS between light / dark theme. (break down you existing big theme)
  • Create a new dark theme, select the current colors, common theme component and add the unique CSS
  • Repeat for light theme

What @codinghorror is describing is very powerful for new communities, but magic-ing it in to existing communities that have a large slew of CSS customization is not something we can do without enormous levels of magic.

(Rob Meade) #53

Hi @sam,

Thank you for your reply, that’s really useful, as I was holding off doing/changing anything until I knew where things were. Really appreciate the extra info you have provided also, I hadn’t been involved in the previous customisations, so having a little bit of guidance on moving forwards here is really useful.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

(Daniela) #54

This is a little bug I think (on a dev installation updated yesterday)

The advice tells me that there’s an error on line 135, but, as you can see, the error is on line 127

(Dean Taylor) #55

To me it looks like there is an error on line 120 - the comma on the end of the line?
(perhaps this is allowed in Sass / SCSS)

(Mittineague) #56

It looks like an invalid CSS comment to me.
Comments in HTML are like <!-- comment -->
Comments in code are eg. like // comment or # comment or /* comment */
But AFAIK the only valid comments for CSS files are
/* comment */
Even though SASS also allows // comment

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #57

Nope, SCSS supports both multiline and single line comments:

(Mittineague) #58

But is Customise SCSS or CSS?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #59

From issue #3 in the OP and Sam’s commit…I’m going with SASS:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #60

It’s SASS for a while now.