Navigating AI Bot Rights: Public vs. Restricted Reading

I’m a bit (well, a lot…) lost now. What does a trustlevel/group be to allow AI bot read topics? Because sometimes there is no issues and sometimes it refuses to read because it hasn’t rights to do it.

Or is this again an user error and I just can’t? Or am I expecting unrealistic things?

I asked from my bot and it claimed reading rights of categories must be public and there can’t be limitations by trustlevel or group. And after that I requested short summary of latest topic from trustlevel_1 limited category, and I got it.

So what are limits of AI bot inside its own forum?

(Title of topic is by AI helper :smirk: )

Bot can only see TL0 accessible info, we will add command parameters so you can control this, but for now, public only

I’m a bit confused now. TL0 is not same than public, right? But if reading of a category is allowed for trustlevel_0 AI bot can’t use it. But if reading is allowed to everyone, then poor AI is totally happy,

Oh you are right here:

We check if the public can see it, this is an anonymous guardian.

We can tweak this a bit, but really the big thing that will help is command params.

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