Navigation controls align left for mobile admin view

It seems all items under navigation-controls align left on mobile view for admin users:

Screenshot from 2023-02-27 12-02-55

Whereas the default is that at least the buttons align right:


I received feedback whether that’s a glitch in a custom theme, but it seems it’s in core. Screenshots are from the default base theme.


Bump same impact here

I’ve checked on Android and iOS and mine are tucked up like this:

Am I missing a step?

I guess it’s the vertical space available? When all controls fit right of the drop-down menu (“Latest” in your screenshot), then they align right. It’s because of the style declaration on that drop-down item:

#navigation-bar {
margin-right: auto;

But when they don’t fit, they occupy the next line and then just align left. It’s a small glitch, but I guess it could be fixed with a slightly different alignment declaration on navigation-controls?

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The buttons share a common parent container, so they wrap as a single unit when there’s not enough space.

It looks like there’s some extra space around the new topic button here:

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 5.34.53 PM

removing that might be enough to avoid it… wrapping these buttons is kind of a last resort, by default it only happens to admins on screens <355px wide, though factors like zoom levels and themes can affect this.

Maybe we could combine the admin and bulk select buttons here if they’re both present to avoid it :thinking: