Need an event check list / sign off plugin?

First a quick shout out to discourse dev team thanks for providing a great forum! Thank you!

Now I’m not even sure I know the best way of asking what type of plugin I need here… maybe easier briefly explaining what I need and see if anyone can suggest a plugin that might work.

We have a go kart forum where people can sign up and discuss anything to do with karting. There is a ‘members’ group where paid up members are added and get visibility to extra categories.

When we have a race meet, people fill out paperwork then take get their karts to get scrutineered (checked over for safety) and signed off by the scrutineers. They then take their suits, gloves, helmets to a different group who then sign off their gear for the safety aspect. It’s all paper-based and rather slow and painful.

I’m looking for the easiest way of utilising the forum to do this electronically/online. I can obviously create , for eg: a scrutineer group and just give the scrutineers access to certain category where they could check off each kart. I see there is a checklist plugin where there could be a tick box for each kart for kart safety, then a tickbox per member for helmet, suit, gloves signoff. But that would also require loading up a post with each kart and each karter and a tick box(es) below each.

Is there any other known plugin or different way this could be achieved based on plugins or core functionality in discourse?


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The checklist plugin was merged into core iirc.

However I think this plugin from Pavilion might be what your looking for.

Custom Wizard Plugin


Hello and welcome @chimera :slight_smile:

You may be able to use something like the Reply Template component to make generating those checklists a bit easier. Though we also have the new Form Templates feature that may also be useful too - Introducing Experimental Form Templates