Need Developer who can help us pass Core Web Vitals from Google


We are using the latest version of discourse and due to speed issues, we are ranking not so well on google. I am checking to see if there are developers here who can work with us to get our FCP / LCP / CLS and Time to Interactive in good shape.

If someone can make such changes as above and ensure the changes can survive an upgrade, we would be very happy to work with the developer to head down the path of optimizing discourse

Our budget for this task is 500USD$ - 1000 US$


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Moving you content to an S3 Bucket and implements CDN should speed up your discourse.

Also upgrading your host Memory and CPU will speed up your discourse


These are already done

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your problem is the way you integrated WordPress with Discourse and then the broken links on your site.


using an dead link checker, it gives you multiple issues


How is this related to the specific performance-related issues I spoke about in the original post? Can we please keep the discussion on track. Happy to discuss the broken URLs and their impact over DM

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429 requests errors are like because the link checker is making too many requests.


I can help if you have an obvious misconfiguration or need tuning. Discourse is a large web app, so the first page loads slowly.

You can check the performance of this site, for example. You aren’t likely to do much better.

You can send a direct message or find my email address in my profile.


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