Need help in creating 301 redirects for Not Found pages

Hello! We have over 2,000 URLs that are in desperate need of redirection. Is there a plugin that can be installed aside from using the admin/customize/permalinks route?

Yeah, it is called as Nginx :wink:

But… what would that plugin exacly do?

I’m asking about a plugin similar with WP plugin for redirection of URLs.

Do you know what you want to redirect? How would the plugin do it?

You probably want to create permalinks as you would though the ux but in a script.

Yes, I have the list of URLs that needs redirection

Then you just want to generate a script that creates the permalinks. You can look at some import scripts for examples. It’s something like

  Permalink.create(url: "/my/url/, topic_id: 123)

If you have a budget you can contact me or ask in #marketplace.