Need help over installing Discourse using Github Documentation help?

I am trying to install Discourse that is given in Github.

These steps I followed but still nothing helps:

  1. Created a Cloud Server ( Ubuntu 16 )
  2. Install Docker from official site.
  3. Install Required software i.e. Postgres 10+, Redis 2.6+, Ruby 2.5+

After this I followed this instructions :

But after all this I am getting error when I try to open my website.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in Advance

what is the error you getting ?

I am getting like port 80 and 443 is closed

did you set up the dns record. where the record is pointing to the discourse install ?

Yes I do that first then I do the rest

I created a Server in Google Cloud.

it is pointed to IP address

does the domain name resolved to the ip address ?

Yes I am getting the same response when I open the Domain i.e.

is this your domain ?

as it does open for me

Yes this is the Domain and it is working for me :

this is what i see

Yesterday I setup everything and didn’t setup any admin or anything. I am only able to see the nginx welcome message.

Anyway thanks, I will look forward for this, Maybe this is because of some cache or else

yes, i think it is your browser cache. clear it and check then :slight_smile:

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Ok, I am getting the same result as you described But I am confused what is the admin Email ID? Because I never setup that

in your app.yml file, you should have added an developer email address. that would be your admin email id

Ok Thanks for the help

There is no app.yml file in my server.

the app.yml file is located at /var/discourse/containers

You’re inside the container. app.yml is outside it.