Need help with account creation

I hate making a thread for this since it’s not about the project itself, but I see no other way to handle it.

I tried to create an account on these forums a few days ago. I only received the account activation email today, and the link appears to be expired now. I see no way to reclaim the username at this point - I couldn’t find a way to resend the activation email, and trying to create a new account tells me the username is claimed. I’ve logged in with a gmail account to write this but I’d really rather have the correct account available to me.

I’d be perfectly happy for this thread to be deleted if someone could:

  1. Tell me where to find a send new activation email link, or
  2. Grant me the permissions to PM (and the username to contact with the unactivated account details) so I could get this sorted out.

Try logging in with the account you created and it will ask if you want a new verification email sent.

Tried that. I get “Incorrect username, email or password”. I have tried both the username and the email address.

(eta good news is i’m a basic user now so i should be able to pm)

This is exactly what this Meta category is about - management of the forum about the forum software. Meta meta.

Send me a PM with the information. That does not make sense, as @cpradio correctly indicated, trying to log in with the unconfirmed account will offer to send the confirmation email again…