Failed to create new account. Waiting for register token expires but to this day this has not happened

(Perseo) #1

I registered on the forum recently, unfortunately at the time to do it mistakenly I introduced an email address that does not exist — Ooops! my fault -.-’… I am well aware that the email address does not exist because I am the owner of the domain and my payment plan only allows me to record a single email with this domain address —. This happened 10 days ago. Since then I’ve waited to register token expires but to this day this has not happened.

I remember that I introduced the following email: icaro[dot]perseo[at]perseosblog[dot]com and the user of which I speak is icaroperseo. I really would appreciate it if I could keep this username. I would not like to signup with the current icaroperseo1.

Sorry for that and thanks in advance for your attention.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Not sure I understand what you’re asking. Is is a bug report? Do you want us to delete the other account so that you can change your username back to the first account?

(Kane York) #3

Nope, this is specific to Meta.

@icaroperseo1 Actually, how about this?

  1. Delete the other account
  2. Rename your account

Though I see you just signed in with the old one after I submitted an email change for it.

(Perseo) #4

Sorry if I wasn’t able to properly describe my request but the problem has been fixed immediately. Thank you very much for that!

Then I’m going to delete the temporary user and close the thread (if I can do it) :).

Thanks again!!!

(Kane York) #5