Need help with multisite configuration

Is there any speceifics for a newbie (in both, Ubuntu server + nginx web server) in regard to how to set up two domains (two totally different forums) in one server?

I have been searching about this, but all the stuff I have seen here are freakin confusing… is there a document made by the people who created this amazing software that could tell me step-by-step how I can make this happen? Everything I particularly seen here are pure input from other regular user, but not a step-by-step by the big guys


We have a lot of guides here on our Meta forum (most are in the #howto category), but they’re individual guides for specific tasks.

Multisite setups tend to be more advanced than a typical Discourse installation. These links (as well as searching for multisite) may help



Thanks for your input, but I have read both and I have not gotten to make them work. I am using Nginx on Ubuntu. I have created two conf files for each domain, I have generated two containers for each forum, the original “app.yml” is working fine, but when I generetad the second containers (myothersite.yml), running the launcher, following the steps on the second blog you indicated here, the second site is routing to the my original forum site.

Take a look: go to to This is the second forum. You will be taken to my first site

Why do you need them on the same server? It’s pretty rare to have a scenario when that is absolutely necessary.

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I’m a fairly seasoned sysadmin, and it took me quite a few attempts over several months to make sense of the multisite instructions. And then it took a good while longer to understand how to get the correct IP numbers down to Discourse. What you’re trying to do is actually different from multisite, and a bit easier, but still pretty complex for virtually no gain, as since you’re running multiple postgres and redis containers, the RAM requirements are pretty much twice what they would be.

If you have low volume forums, it’s much easier and no more expensive to have 2 1GB droplets than 1 2GB droplet that you’d need to run multisite or two forums. I’ve spent a couple years now making ./discourse-setup work for complete novices, but doing that for more complicated installs increases the complexity mightily.

In the next month I’ll likely be offering a multisite (or multiple web container) installation option using traefik as the front end reverse proxy. I haven’t figured out pricing yet, but I’m thinking it’ll be in the $500-1000 range. If you want it next week and it’s worth $1000, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hi Joe,

The reason is because I do not want to lease another server. I have a pretty good VM with 24 GB RAM and 4v CPU.


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Hi Jay,

Nice initiative by you, but it seems unreasoble price though. I mean, you pretty much selling a product that is free with your own configuration but will be used by many. I understand if you are selling me a product for $500-$1000 if it only me having the product, no one else.


Interesting viewpoint. That would mean Jay’s doing this for free, right? If that’s the case, @pfaffman, I’ve got a number of projects for you. :wink:


We’ll see. Even when I have the entire process automated, there are still a bunch of issues that make providing such a service take longer than one would hope. I wouldn’t be selling you a product, which, as you point out, is free. I would be selling a service to make it work like you want it to.

Thanks, @joebuhlig. I’ll keep that in mind. :wink:


You’re paying for skill, knowledge and time, none of which come free, and you had all three you wouldn’t need to ask for help.

This falls outside the scope of the standard install which we support here, and if you can’t make sense of the other guides we can’t really do much more than refer you to an expert such as @pfaffman. You can try offering a fee on #marketplace but you’ll quickly find that most of the resident experts will ask a similar fee.


Hi Stephen,

I did not mean to say that it should free. Of course, I believe he should charge for his time and skills. I do not know if you see that I never mentioned it should be free, what I mentioned was that it was a unreasonable price due to the factors I pointed out which in my opinion are valid.


That’s the point though, none of our experts would make anything if their fees were unreasonable. They’re the going market rate for the level of expertise required by the task. You’re entitled to an opinion as to whether that fee fits your budget, but the market determines the rest.

To give you further context, a standard install is ~$100 dollars, what you’re asking for is vastly more complicated. a 5x-10x uplift is cost is relatively speaking a bargain.


Got you… I see your point now. Perhaps I should take the time to go over the WWW and see what I can find to make this work though, if I find it, I will definitely share the step-by-step for novice like me.


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