Three sites in one setup

I have managed to make discourse backups from my two simple machines forums, and they’ve been resting on my hard disk ever since. (Our two older forums, that is.) I’d like to change this, so that we have two archives forums and the current one running at the same time and accessible, e.g. (new forum)

Is there an easy guide for setting up multisite (or whatever is the correct term for this)? I tried looking but got a bit confused…

Here is the “easy” guide. It’s not that easy for the uninitiated. And it assumes that you know how to set up a reverse proxy. With https. And all sites share the same smtp credentials.

You’ll need at least 2gb to run it, so three 1gb droplets is only $5 more per month.

I’ll soon have a multisite install package, but it’s likely beyond your budget.

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Where is “here” in your post, exactly? :thinking:


Oops. Still in my copy buffer!


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