Need log the who downloaded attachments


My site canot know who downloaded attachments.

Check your nginx logs for that information.

nginx logs too big data.

now have 40,000 users. :face_with_thermometer:

Now only have counter, I wanto logs who user download. can it be technically possible?

I find this

but canot use 1.8

You can install Data explorer plugin and write an SQL query for that (or ask here if someone can write a query for you What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?)

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Note that attachments can be downloaded by anyone who has the link.

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I have a idea, use


can help me add the code ? Output all zip and rar url User access Filename + username.

So I know who downloaded it.

Is there a new restricted files plugin? Seems the one you linked to is quite old and may not be compatible with the latest version of discourse?

See Secure Media Uploads, perhaps?

Woa! Looks scary.
Also, Not using s3 (which I assume means Amazon)?
Thanks though.
Just want to get a list of people who’ve downloaded files, and if i could protect those files to only authorized users that would be a bonus!

I think you could get a list of who saw those posts with data explorer. I don’t know that you can tell who downloaded them.

If you have a budget I might help with limiting access to uploads to users who are logged in.

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Thank you.
Unfortunately I have no budget for any customization at this time.

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