Need proper documentation for multisite discourse with docker

I am searching a proper documentation to create multi site in single server but still I couldn’t find well defined documentation for intermediate level developer. I have tried some multisite discourse with docker articles but they haven’t helped me.

  2. Discourse Multisite Install – PixelDigit

Please create a documentation something like this discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub . I believe it will be a very useful documentation for most of the developers. Thank you.


We already have it, search howto category here.

Do you mean this one ?

Sorry I am trying to create my first site if you guid me bit clearly it would be much appreciated.tnx

That’s the one, you found it!

Unfortunately, multisite is just complex. There really aren’t any shortcuts.


Well, the real shortcut is to just have multiple standalone containers. I don’t think we have a how-to on that.


Which is better? One multisite container containing all instances or multiple containers with their own instances? I’ve wondered about this.

@Pon_Athithan It’s likely that you were trying to launch a new multisite install when there was a bug that prevented that from working. I just ran into this today and fixed it.

This was the error:

StandardError: An error has occurred, this and all later migrations canceled:

undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass/var/www/discourse/lib/slug.rb:6:in `for'

I think it’s been broken for the past 22 days, since this pr. If you can make it through our guide, it should work now.


Last year, before Docker, having a multisite installation was easy.

The only issues were:

1- Restart the App after updating to the latest version.
2- Running Migrations.
3- Some downtime during this process (nothing important for 99% of our Discourse installs)

What kind of complexity adds Docker to this?
I understand that having two or more containtesr seems better, is the correct way, but I don’t really see the compelxity of doing this properly, with a good documentation.

I think it’s complex because we need to understand better how to properly navigate the Docker ecosystem :smile: but not for Discourse.

Am I correct?

It’s just as “simple”

You provision the db and add multisite.yml

It’s documented in detail in the howto.


Thank you! I’ll will check it now.