Need someone to help me import old forum members and topics!

(Adam) #1

I know nothing about the system on which Discourse is designed. I would love it if someone could help me import data from a forum that has its info stored in SQL Server into my Discourse instance. I have over 10 years worth of data and don’t want to lose it.

Can anyone help me?


(Mittineague) #2

Hi AdamW welcome to the forum

It should be helpful if you say what forum the “old forum” is :wink:

(Adam) #3

It is a custom forum I built over a decade ago using Classic ASP & SQL Server, so it is running on Windows Server. It has common forum properties, like members, forum categories, sub categories, topics, etc.

(Mittineague) #4

Discourse is Ruby and Postgres, so these may not be much help, but assuming you have some dev chops

Maybe you can pick somethings out of what already exists

(Alan Tan) #5

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