New admin side-bar customization! 😻

omg yes! thank you @awesomerobot and team! this is, well awesome! :star_struck: :clap:


i am so happy :grin: :partying_face:


just a note - when i configured this section withe new pop up, it inserted it below the other custom links section i had for my users (with the globe icon), so i had to delete the previous custom links and set them up again to put it below the Community section.

edit: i have since discovered that reloading the browser after customizing the Community section fixes this and puts the sections in the proper order on the side-bar. :slight_smile:

this pretty much makes most of my side-bar mod theme component useless, which is a good thing :smile:


question: would it be at all possible to make it so the pop-up configuration modal doesn’t close when one click/ taps outside the modal area?

lol you know i am hammering away at this thing to find bugs :sweat_smile:


A small question: after this change, how can I modify the translation of the sidebar section?

It looks like My Posts is stuck in English


The localization works fine if I rename it to “my_posts”,

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icons don’t actually seem to be changeable - locked into each heading. i would like arrows on the side of the configuration pop-up for moving links up and down to re-order.

does translated text-replacement work?

We use the click-outside to cancel pattern for all modals, so it’d be exceptional to do that in this case.

But I can see why you’re asking for something like this.

If you open the modal and tinker a bunch, it’s pretty easy to lose that work as is. Something to think about @awesomerobot / @kris.kotlarek :thinking:


yea i noticed it does this for all modals. it’s pretty easy to tap outside a pop-up.

Apparently the team didn’t take names with spaces into account. Replacing spaces with _ makes translation work :joy:


hah that is good to know. thanks!

i feel like there is some functional redundancy here with the Community section and global custom links sections.


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Yep, there’s certainly significant overlap. I think you could consider this the “default” global section (that includes the ablity to restore the defaults).

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