New avatar is scaling wrongly

When I’m trying upload new avater on my self-hosted I’m getting all the time warning: we’ve cropped your image; width and height were not equal. And that isn’t true, it is nice square. After that cancel isn’t doing anything and if I want to try another image I have to reload page. But that can be related to download isssue what Meta has now.

So I tried to use Gravatar. It works nicely here when I tried here (well, didn’t save but preview was ok):

The issue is now this on my forum:

No matter what image I’m using, custom or from Gravatar, it is scaled wrongly.

Then I tried /safe-mode — no luck. And after that I upgraded Discourse itself (something like an hour ago at the writing moment) — no luck.

Error log of my forum is clear. What console of Safari would tell is unknown because I’m on iPad right now.

Discourse is just another typical one. Server is from DigitalOcean, without any reverse proxies front it.


I’m wondering… why I get js.user.change_avatar.image_is_not_a_square notification on my forum, but not here even then I’m uploading non-square image? And why I get same notification even I defenetly upload a square image.

There must be something I don’t see right now.

Aaaand there it is. Actually I got two issues.

This: topic list enable thumbnail black border elimination

And safe-mode failed me.

I have to re-check safe-mode and after that I’ll kind of split this in two.

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