New Category Button Disappeared

I’ve looked through the settings numerous times. Nothing has really changed. I added multiple new categories earlier today. It’s a little frustrating, and I really don’t understand what’s going on here. I’m the site owner and admin, and of course, I’m logged in. Thanks.

I see the new category button on desktop for my site, but it is missing for me on mobile. Would like to get that back also.

Was there ever a new category button on mobile? Is creating new categories a common mobile activity?

@eviltrout is this related to you guys’ HTML/CSS changes? I don’t see a new category button on desktop here at all? Kind of a bad regression.

@codinghorror thanks for confirming this has been driving me mad. I didn’t realize updates to the core were live, though. It worked fine hours before.

It looks like it was related to dropdown changes. It looks like the new component had the wrong name so was not being used. Fixed here:

@joffreyjaffeux I’m not sure if you meant to rename it? But it’s probably left as the old name in case people were extending it somehow.


Not so sure about the fix, it might involve something else. I will have a look, also I will avoid changing names, ok.

I’m still not seeing the button. Was this an update to Ember, and will be fixed in an update?

You will have to do an upgrade via /admin/upgrade


It’s now fully fixed

Thanks for reporting this.