New contributors vs TL1

Out of curiosity, I threw exports for some of the standard reports together in the same graph & found this pair of data sets very interesting:

The default requirements for TL1 seem pretty reasonable to me. Perhaps even minimal (10min?):

  • enter 5 topics
  • read 30 posts
  • spend 10 minutes

So I’m wondering about the gap between the people who sign up (blue line) but don’t make it to TL1 (red line). And I’m wondering if I could (should?) do anything to move those lines closer together.


If most of TL0s are one timers then there is no need to adjust something, I think. But if the main reason is lack of post readings then that should be lower. Perhaps. It depends if those users needs something you offer to TL1s.

I dropped off likes. I don’t see any purposes to count those (mostly because I don’t like idea where rewarding happends only because of pure cilicking, plus my users are using so heavily reactions and only one of those is counted as like)


How’s the spam bot situation in your neck of the woods?

There’ll always be some genuine users who register an account, get distracted, and forget about a newly discoverd site / not bother coming back, but ‘illegitimate’ registrations would be my first thought.

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Fortunately, we have remarkably little spam.


Our site is primarily product help/support. Users come with their problems. I guess the ones who don’t make it to TL1 are those who simply post without having looked around to see if the question had already been answered…

Only a few weeks ago we enabled the search banner. The hope was that it would encourage people to search before posting, but the diff between New Contributor & TL 1 doesn’t show that:

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Well, ordinary users never do searching, anywhere. Actually… if they would do they don’t need support in many cases :wink: