New "group" notification mode

I posted this here Get notified of new topics, but not posts

but that pretty much got lost. Would it be possible have a new group notification mode that posts about new topics but not for replies, unless the user actually replied to it?

The usecase is to pretty much make support handling perfect: We want to know when there are new posts, but once someone starts dealing with a post, it’s that person job to finish it, the others shouldn’t be notified of changes.


Maybe at some point, but I have a bunch of stuff that is way ahead of this.

  • Live refresh on groups filter (so new stuff streams in like the front page)
  • Optionally allow you to show excerpt of last post on group mail boxes
  • A filter for “stuff you are involved with” like archived

There is also, an option of a plugin that allows you to “assign” stuff but not on my roadmap quite yet.


…did anything ever come from this idea?

There are quite a few similar workflows you can get with the assign plugin and tagging.

At the moment any user can “watch first posts” / “watch” / “track” all new messages to a group.

@carlokok is there actually anything left to do here?

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I think the “watch first posts” covers this yes (that wasn’t available when I posted this). Thanks!