New loading splash has been disappeared?

That new spash when loading time is too long… how long is too long? Just wondering because after the newest upgrade I haven’t seen it here or either on my own forum. It worked earlier.

Colors will now follow colors of a forum — that means default color set I reckon? What if colors are mainly black and white will those blinking balls be black and white too?

So it’s showing for too long or not at all? :thinking:

The current behavior is that it starts showing when you are waiting for 2s until Discourse loads.

  • If the site loads under 2s on your device you will never see it

  • If the site loads in 3s you will see it for 1s

  • If the site loads in 20s you will see it for 18s

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Not at all.

But that 2-3 secs limit may be enough. That means you guys made Discourse a little bit faster then :wink:

Any ideas how can I slow down my connections :man_facepalming: :rofl:


Well, here and on my own loading times are defenetly over 3 secs. But of course I don’t know if splash is on here. It was, though.

Firefox and Chrome have a Throttling option on the DevTools Network tab.

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I got it here when using Safari (it is slower browser than others…), but not on my own — so, the issue — if I can even call it that way — must be on my setup. Good to know.

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