New React.js Template


has anyone experience to integrate Discourse into a new react.js template instead of ember ?

And would there any issues with Plugins or future updates ?

Discourse is a full-fleged ember app. It communicates with the discourse api which is built with Rails.

The best way to do what you want to do is generate an api key and fire your requests from your custom frontend to the discourse api.


Thank you.

So when i do this with an API that sounds it would be also possible to extend per example the User Profil right ?

recreate rather than extend in terms of UI which might be unnecessary in most cases.

Just to add …

The API is apparently very stable so use that approach. But don’t expect to use any plugins which modify the interface. Plugins almost always assume you are using and tightly integrate with the Ember app (e.g. Component overrides), so forget those.

Alternatively just use Discourse as is! Learn EmberJS and the plugin system for Discourse if you need to modify the L&F radically beyond Theming.