New setting for watch/track preference when posting new topic

Been meaning to request this feature for years.

I don’t need to watch any topic here on meta. As long as it’s tracked, I’ll see it.

Every single time I create a new topic, I change it from Watching to Tracking afterwards.

There ought to be a user preference for this:

When I post a new topic, set that topic to

  • Watching
  • Tracking
  • Normal

Obviously the default should remain Watching.

p.s. @awesomerobot maybe we ought to have some more white space between those top preferences? They’re placed so tightly together my eyes always scan multiple times to confirm that I’m looking at the right coupling.


Every preference has a mental cost, though… I’d need to see a number of sites asking for this.

I think it’s rather unusual for someone to create a topic and not care about the replies on it, certainly in that (rare?) case the creator could change the notification level on their own.