"New Topic via Email" button plugin

Introducing expose-emails-in, a Discourse plugin to “expose category emails-in in useful ways”, which should really be called the “New Topic via Email” button plugin, because it does this to your category pages:

Clicking the plus opens the composer as usual, whereas clicking the envelope opens your email client populated with the email-in address of that category.

The plugin also changes behaviour for a logged out user, showing:

Here, clicking out the greyed out plus opens a modal prompting the user to log in, and clicking the envelope either opens your email client or the same modal, depending on whether the category is set to allow emails-in from strangers:

The text of the modal changes slightly when opened from the plus button if the category does allow emails-in from strangers, if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of the various possible states of buttons and modals, knock yourself out.

You can see it in use on Mozilla’s Discourse instance, and find the repo here:

Please leave your questions, feature requests, comments and bug reports ↓


Out of interest, what’s the “use case” for this? I would imagine if you’re already on Discourse, it would be easier to just use the composer to create a topic?


Indeed, but some people (especially within Mozilla) love their email clients.

The primary purpose is to provide a consistent method across categories of finding out the email-in address, rather than having to search through description topics or guessing based on the category slug, which was the case before.


It would be nice to have something like this in email footers, especially in mailing list mode.