‘New & Unread Topics’ are all over 8 months old

I’ve been trying to improve the new user on boarding experience for my server.

I went through the process of signing up as a new user and noticed that the ‘New & Unread Topics’ are all over 8 months old.

Is there a way to fine-tune what topics are shown?

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Check the setting: default other new topic duration minutes – “Global default condition for which a topic is considered new.”

If you change it, you may also apply it to all users (it controls the default user preference, and users may override that personally :+1:).

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 12-49-37 Admin - fnord

‘default other new topic duration minutes’ was set at 2 days

The new user I created only minutes ago displayed ‘new and unread’ posts from 2022 - it seems like the new user accounts are created with no time limit on new and unread?

This implies that changing the setting will not impact new users?


I went back and registered a new user after forcing the change for all users. It did seem to improve the results for new and unread for a newly registered user, but they still weren’t within the timeframe specified.

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Hello :wave: I guess you mean this section.

This is the Suggested Topics on the left. I think here only the title changed. There are some site settings where you can handle the timeframe. :slightly_smiling_face:

suggested topics unread max days old
suggested topics max days old


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