New user can't flag/delete a post

New users are presented with a “delete button” for their posts, but when they click on it a message says “You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning”.

But there is no flag button either. I think new users should be able to at least flag their own posts, or the message should be updated.

Related to How do I flag a topic? - Site Feedback - Let's Encrypt Community Support and TEST message for flag/delete - Site Feedback - Let's Encrypt Community Support

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To answer your question as a default TL1 (Basic user) and above can flag posts you can change this via this setting

min trust to flag posts

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Thank you for those details.

So by default, new (TL0) users do have the delete button under their topics, which when clicked displays a message that says they should flag it, which they can’t do either.

It looks like a bug.

In my opinion, they should be able to either:

  • Flag their own posts (preferably)


  • Have a message associated with the delete button that doesn’t instruct them to do something they can’t do

Don’t you agree ?

I do agree. The reason the user can’t delete the topic is because there are responses, but that error makes no sense under these circumstances, which don’t seem unreasonable.

cc @codinghorror


What Hawk said. Seems nonsensical to show a button that doesn’t work when clicked.


When I tested it (TEST message for flag/delete - Site Feedback - Let's Encrypt Community Support) it was with a new topic without responses, and I couldn’t delete it either (but I don’t remember if it was before or after the “hide message”, and maybe that counts for an answer…)

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Yeah we should fix this one @eviltrout. I guess the logic should be “show the delete button, but not if you are TL0, because you can’t flag anyway”? :thinking:


@jamie.wilson can you check this one out? Thanks!


A fix has been merged in for this issue.