New user directed to /top/all, not first item in top menu

I (and a client) would expect that after clicking the “activate my account” button the user would be redirected to the same place that takes you, but instead it takes them to /top/all. Is there some setting for this that I’m not aware of?

Or is this a #bug?

New users and users who haven’t been seen for a long time get one-time redirected to /top yes. There should be a message at the top of the page when this happens; @zogstrip orginally wrote the feature. Regression maybe?

It’s a site setting

redirect users to top page (Automatically redirect new and long absent users to the top page.)

(default enabled)


Thanks @david!

I don’t understand how this is a feature.


It is the difference between

Hail new user, and well met! Here is a list of our latest bullcrap!


Hail new user, and well met! Here is a list of the very best things this community has produced in the last year!


I like this feature. And there is indeed a notice at the top of the one time /top view with eg “here’s the top topics from this past year” or some such. I am paraphrasing from memory.

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