New user e-mail verification link is 404


My e-mails are sending fine through Mailgun, but not sure how to make it so URL’s remove or fix the “email” subdomain for new users? When a new user signs up, the verification link says “” but when you click it it goes to “” which is 404. You can copy the direct link text from the e-mail and paste in URL bar to verify, but this is not optimal.

Appreciate any help. I found one other thread about this but there was no solution.

This is due to the settings on your mail provider, nothing to do with Discourse.

Oh okay, sorry for the post then will try to figure it out.

Basically turn OFF tracking of links in your email provider settings. You don’t want this because it means your email provider actively interferes with the links that go through email.


Thanks Jeff, just got it working!

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Sort of, he created the cname for the tracking domain incorrectly, they usually work fine.

Yeah but why track this, it’s just more stuff to interfere and break and troubleshoot

Agreed, some of the communities I work with insist on it which is the only reason I know it can be configured correctly.