Email configuration issue

I experiencing a configuration issue with email and I’m just not sure where to rectify the problem.

The “Visit Topic” buttom in the emails that are generated from the forum seem to have the wrong url.

The subdomain is associated with mailgun. I’m just not sure if this is a misconfiguration in mailgun or discourse or what I should do to correct it. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A little more info … I think this is related to Mailgun’s click tracking. The feature seems to indicate that links will be rewritten and I have a CNAME entry for email.m pointing to mailgun in my DNS. Not sure why the link it’s redirecting to the forum URL though.

I think it is link tracking too.

I guess your MUA is adding the warning.

You could turn off link tracking.

Mailgun is rewriting your links to it’s configured tracking URL.

Mailgun does not have a certificate for the configured tracking URL – it’s presenting it’s generic Mailgun certificate instead.

It’s clear this is a Mailgun misconfiguration.


Not sure how to reconfigure correctly, so
I shut off tracking in the meantime.

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