New user signups are admin accounts?

Hey, so I just joined a Discourse forum and I noticed I’m an admin.

In the last few weeks of new user signups, all are defaulting to admin.

I notified the owner, removed all non-staff admin privileges (40+ accounts lol), and checked the logs but I don’t have access to the container/droplet they host out of so I only have the basic log info.

Besides all that, what exactly would cause that? Thanks!

someone who can access the config file would need to check what is written at the developer_email_adress.

that could be the only explanation.

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Interesting! Thank you!

Also they seem to be on version v2.3.0.beta6, I’m checking commits but it doesn’t seem like there were any ‘admin’ group issues. Very weird - again thanks!

they really need to upgrade :slight_smile:

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You have to develope them using your API keys don’t forget to enable your 2way Authentication system or insert FA5 or USB key software

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