New Users > Starting Registration with a Prompt/Post

I’ve seen this done with other Discourse platforms I have used. During registration, the user is asked a general interest topic question like “What is your favourite book, and why?”.

The answer to this Question becomes a post in your Discourse platform and that specific users’ first post.

For the life of me, I can not find any reference to that feature and my extensive searching has been futile. Can anybody send me in the right direction?

(In fact any features relating to stimulating initial interaction - my platform will have numerous newbie users and potential lurkers).

I think you are referring to this third-party plugin


Thanks for this feedback @Dax I realise now (and I might be wrong). I have a hosted basic plan for Discourse.

Thus, I either have to self-host OR upgrade my plan right?

Yes, you are right. To install a third party plugin you need to upgrade to an Enterprise plan or switch to self-hosted


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