New vdom rendering missing inbound/outbound CSS classes in gutter

Continuing the discussion from Right arrow missing from "outgoing" post links:

Just noticed that the inbound and outbound classes for the track links are no longer showing.

Is there any chance of putting these back?

All links show in the gutter are internal now though, so wouldn’t that be a little redundant?

Sorry, I must have missed something.

Didn’t inbound show that link was a continuation from another topic and outbound meant the topic was continued elsewhere?

Are you saying links, either in or out bound, are now all classified as inbound?

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Perhaps this was my regression, but in the current codebase only internal links are listed in the gutter. I’ll check into it, and if I made a huge mistake I’ll restore it soon.

What do you mean by internal links?

As above

That right gutter link is linking out to the post it references.

But when you visit that post you see

Which is referencing a page that is linking to that specific post (as the post itself doesn’t contain any links).


Let me start again:

This is a screen grab from

Here’s the DOM at that point:

And part of the CSS that targets it:

To my mind, outbound and inbound are reversed as the continuation link is coming in, but the class is outbound.

Not sure if that answers your question, but the above is currently working on (not sure how to find out the version) but not on build: v1.5.0.beta11 +146 which I have on Digital Ocean.

Ah, I was confused between internal/external inbound/outbound.

Here’s a fix: