New Website With Discourse Integrated

What would you like done? A site with discourse integrated like

When do you need it done? Soon as possible

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? around $3000

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The way in which Discourse in integrated into is not immediately obvious, a more specific link would help people gauge the scope of your project.

Do you already have the rest of the website up and running and just want to add Discourse to it?

Are you asking for a whole website design? (If so, your offer is pretty darn low)

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No not yet I wanted the whole thing going you see. But I don’t mind starting if someone can put a custom background for me and make it and also a Logo that would be fine and I would then use the forum first to build the community a little and worry about main site later and I would also be hosting with official Discourse servers.

Thank you

Are you planning to use the hosted discourse options available or wanting someone to set it up on a cloud service for you?

I will use the hosted discourse options.

Sorry I missed that in your description :slight_smile:

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@rob1 if you still need help with this please reach out to me at

Thank you!

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