Need someone to do...everything for me

What would you like done?

Discourse site built, tweaked, installed and de-bugged.

When do you need it done?


What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Right away $100, going forward budget every 4 weeks I can afford $150 per month for next 6 months or so to get this going right.

With $100 @pfaffman’s service sounds perfect for your needs.


Yeah so total budget is about 1K but just split on a monthly basis. I really am a tech tard compared to you guys. I’ll look into that offer. Thank you. Have you used his services before?

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Not personally, but he’s quite active here on the forums and is always helpful. His services are endorsed by the devs, his link is even on the official website.


Got it, will contact him and go from there. Thanks.


@frabrunelle is helping me guys. Have worked out a solution with him. I know him from the forum. Thanks all. Good to be apart of the Discourse community :slight_smile: