Newly self-hosted Discourse instance down (DNS?)

(Tiago Forte) #1

I recently moved my Discourse instance ( to self-hosted (on a Digital Ocean droplet following the migration instructions exactly).

It’s worked fine for about a month, but today it is down and I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting. I think it probably involves SSH, but all I know is what I did in the migration instructions.

Could someone please help me, or point me in the right direction?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Out of disk space? Out of memory? Does a command line rebuild help? I suggest contacting for support as needed.

(Lee_Ars) #3

DNS lookups for shows that it’s a CNAME for, which I’m guessing is one of @codinghorror et al’s boxes.

@fortelabs, check the DNS provider settings and make sure you’ve got an A record for forum that points to the correct IP address.

(Tiago Forte) #4

How do I find the correct IP address? I logged into Digital Ocean and it says the “public IP address” is, but going to that address in the browser just opens a registration page, so I don’t think it’s right.

Just tried to enter it in GoDaddy anyway and it said "Enter either @ or a valid host name such as: “subdomain.domain.tld”

(Michael - #5

Maybe it changed the last hour, but no:

;; ANSWER SECTION:     3599    IN      CNAME           3599    IN      A is a GoDaddy IP address, so this looks like a DNS issue indeed, since GoDaddy is not hosting your forum - just the DNS.

So what you should do is go into GoDaddy DNS control panel and change the IP address for the @ entry to

(Tiago Forte) #6

I’m working with a programmer friend, and he says it looks like my migration to DO didn’t actually take place, and my community kept using the Discourse-hosted instance, which just shut down today.

Is there any way to recover a backup for Discourse-hosted instances @codinghorror ? I have no problem paying for support, but I have a sinking feeling that I just lost my database. My friend says time is of the essence.

I’ll contact literatecomputing now just in case.

(Tiago Forte) #7

I changed it just now to @, which I think is why it’s pointing to the root domain.

I already tried entering the IP address in the “points to” section, but it just says ""Enter either @ or a valid host name such as: “subdomain.domain.tld”

(Michael - #8

Well, does end up at a box which thinks it’s, but it’s also an unconfigured Discourse instance… seems like your backup hasn’t been imported properly.

(Michael - #9

You should change the type for that record from CNAME to A.

(Tiago Forte) #10

Ok, just did that, but I think the bigger issue now is that entering in a browser takes me to an unconfigured instance, which makes me think I didn’t complete the migration properly.

I think my community continued to use the Discourse-hosted version, and it just got culled today as part of regular maintenance.

Just crossing my fingers there’s a backup of the data somewhere…

(Michael - #11

If you did perform a migration, you have downloaded an export and uploaded it again into your new instance, right? So then the export should still be somewhere on your computer, and/or on the new instance?

(Tiago Forte) #12

I followed these official installation instructions exactly (I thought), but I don’t see anything about downloading the instance, nor is there anything in my saved files on my computer, which I keep very organized.

(Michael - #13

Yes, you followed the installation instructions, so now you have a brand new forum.
You didn’t migrate.

Your only bet is that @team still has a backup lying around.

(Tiago Forte) #14

Damn, I think you’re right. I was so happy that I was able to follow the instructions, I forgot about the actual migration part.

Crossing my fingers for @team to come through for me …

(Jeff Atwood) #15

Sure but business hours aren’t for a while. It’s Sunday.

(Tiago Forte) #16

Yes of course, sorry to bother you!

(Matt Palmer) #17

Hi Tiago,

I have a copy of your site backup from the date the site was marked for decommissioning. I’ll contact you via e-mail to arrange for its transfer.

(Tiago Forte) #18

YES! Awesome, thank you so much.

(Matt Palmer) #19

The backup has been transferred, so we can call this done.

(Matt Palmer) #20