Next page of topic list loading too late on mobile?

This has been bugging me for a while: At least on my mobile device (S7), I feel that when I’m scrolling down a topic list (e.g. /latest here on meta) the next page is starting to load slightly too late so that there is always a slight delay until I can continue scrolling. Not a smooth UX, in other words.

Since I have fast Internet and the device is not that old, I’m thinking perhaps discourse could start loading the next bunch of topics just a bit earlier? Is anyone else having similar a experience?

P.S. I just realized that this also applies when scrolling through topic replies but I didn’t notice it that much since scrolling speed in topics tends to be a lot slower anyway, due to reading.

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For posts we load half the normal amount in Android becausr most devices are slow.

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That makes sense, but the question is: when is the loading process triggered?

Let’s say it’s triggered when there are 3 items remaining (have not entered the viewport), in that case, I’d suggest maybe to start loading already when there are still 5 items waiting for their turn.

Isn’t anybody else experiencing this issue of scroll-lag?

Yes its a bug in chrome desktop per:

I can imagine this would be even more noticeable on Android and that it shares this bug.

Which reminds me… @xrav3nz when you start out can you help me get this reported to Chrome, there is a surprising amount of work in creating a good report here with a repro.