No H1 on discourse pages?

I have just run WAVE accessibility checker on our instance of discourse and discovered there is no H1 on the page. Is there a way to make the title an H1? Any assistance or support would be much appreciated - thanks


Every topic has an H1, look at the source of this page.

If you use a text logo, then root pages will use the site title as an H1 too.


Im using the Custom Header Links component does that make any difference?

It wouldn’t take much for you to briefly disable it and check, but at a guess no it shouldn’t.

Are you checking your latest or categories page, and if so are you using an image as logo? If so refer to my first response, in those case there isn’t an h1 because there isn’t anything in the page which serves as a primary title. If people are searching for your community it won’t need an h1. If you’re looking for topics as an entry point they always have the h1 covered.

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yes, png logo is in use. Not looking for SEO but accessibility reasons

Right, but those pages don’t have a heading, so there’s nothing to wrap in <h1>. You could conceivably throw something together, but I’m not sold on the need.

I can’t find anything in WCAG/WAI necessitating an H1 in every page, just that any primary heading be an H1. By your logic isn’t compliant, because it doesn’t include an H1, that’s why Wave flags the lack of an H1 as an alert - because not every page needs it.