Accessibility: Header tags on main page

This is split out from the master accessibility thread: Accessibility audit and shepherd for making improvements.

H2 discussion forum title should be H1
Low priority but checked tool flagged, we should fix.

This isn’t visible on since that uses an image in the site header. Looking at the Discourse example sites on I found that does show this. Here’s the check I’m doing and the relevant bit on HTML on the page:

> document.querySelectorAll('h2')[0]
=> <h2 id="site-text-logo" class="text-logo">Twitter Developers</h2>

I think this is the relevant code: Maybe there’s a rationale for this being <h2> and not <h1> but I haven’t seen any on the home pages for the handful of Discourse instances I’ve looked at. There are <h1> tags if you grep around the codebase, but at a quick glance many seem for other pages or unrelated features. For this topic, I think it’s best to focus first only on the core parts of the UX that people use regularly to read and write (eg, home page, category, topic, post, etc. pages) rather than all the additional pages involved in the whole product.



Awesome, thanks for the help @notriddle! :+1: